They Fixed My Storm-damaged Roof

A tree fell on my roof a few weeks back. When we moved into our house, the trees were part of the charm, but I have really grown to dislike them a lot after having them for a few years now. Granted, this was the biggest disaster, and it was also the most costly one because it did significant damage to the roof. The house is not that big, and the tree is humongous, so you can do the math. I did a search for roof repair in Queens, hoping that I would be able to find a company that would be able to fix it rather than replace it.

I knew that even fixing it would cost a lot, but I knew that it would be a lot cheaper than if I would have had to replace the entire roof. I took my time looking through the different companies that provide this kind of service. I had never had to have something like this done before, and I wanted to make sure I was getting a reputable company that would not overcharge me or tell me I needed a new roof if this one could be repaired.

The company that I ended up getting has a solid reputation in the area, which is the main reason why I went with them. They were one of the main roofing companies who helped to rebuild the area after Hurricane Sandy devastated the area. Thankfully, we were missed on that storm, but it figures that a smaller one wreaked the havoc it did. They came out to give me an estimate, and thankfully it was able to just be repaired. They were able to do the work that same week, and it came in much lower in cost than I expected. When it is time for a new roof, they are the company I will be using.

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